Club Building and Chartering



You just need these 5 things:

  1. Completed Charter Petition The Kiwanis sponsor of record must complete, in its entirety, page two of this petition. In the case of co-sponsorship, the second sponsor of record must complete and attach a separate copy of page two. The school administration must complete, in its entirety, page three of this petition. Only one CKI charter is allowed per university or college. 2016cki-petitiontocharter-2016-fillable
  2. Written Bylaws The member leaders, duly elected by the CKI members, must complete the Acceptance of Leadership form and the Standard Form for Circle K International Bylaws and return with chartering paperwork.clubbylaws-standardtemplate
  3. Club Roster The accompanying membership information form must be completed, listing all charter members by name, and providing accompanying membership information for each. Use additional sheets as necessary.(Note: Kiwanis International maintains these names and information for organizational use only. At no time will Kiwanis International provide membership list to outside organizations.).
  4. 15 Charter Members A minimum of 15 members is required (in a two-year institution or in the case of a school with enrollment of 5,000 or fewer students, a minimum of 10 members is required).Notify the Circle K District Administrator of the club’s intent to charter. A current listing of administrators can be found at
  5. Charter Kit Upon completion of the petition with club bylaws, order your charter kit (either $600 or $400)