Benefits of CKI

By becoming an active member of Circle K International, you can enjoy several key benefits:

Circle K is built off of service. Whether it’s cleaning a beach, feeding the homeless, or building a playground, Circle K’ers give their time and effort to make a difference. Service is perhaps the most rewarding and fulfilling of all of Circle K’s tenets in that members not only benefit the world around them but also benefit themselves.

Circle K’ers have various opportunities to serve in leadership positions at the club, district, and international levels. By working on a committee or a board of officers, Circle K’ers develop key leadership skills and long-time connections that benefit them in their professions and post-graduate careers.

Some of the best benefits are those that we develop with each other. Circle K’ers reign from all over the world and come together in service and leadership to form bonds that last for years to come. As a Circle K’er, you will meet people from all different walks of life and find friends that share common beliefs in the power of a helping hand.

Tangible Benefits:

  • Circle K pin
  • Member ID Card
  • Club Mailings from the district and Circle K International
  • CKI Magazine
  • Awards & scholarships
  • Better World Books discount
  • OfficeMax/Office Depot discount
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Leadership training programs
  • Opportunity to attend conferences and conventions
  • Attending workshops on a variety of topics

Intangible Benefits:

  • Professional development
  • Campus involvement
  • Lifetime friendships
  • Personal growth
  • Career contacts
  • Resume building
  • Social opportunities
  • Develop service initiatives
  • Become a part of a larger organization that is making a positive impact
  • Meet people who care about serving the community and the world
  • Make a difference around you!
  • It’s fun!