Kentucky-Tennessee CKI

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

CKI stands for Circle K International. Circle K is one of the largest collegiate organizations in the world with just over 14,000 members. Kentucky-Tennessee CKI is a district of the organization within the United States and falls into Subregion E along with Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. CKI, much like Kiwanis, has a primary focus on helping to form leadership skills and teaching youth how to leave lasting positive impacts on their communities. Many of the CKI service projects tend to focus on under-served youth and childhood education.

District Clubs

The Kentucky-Tennessee District has 12 clubs. They are:

Austin Peay University
East Tennessee State University
Eastern Kentucky University
Fisk University
Kentucky State University
Maryville College
Transylvania University
University Of Tennessee, Chattanooga
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of the Cumberlands
Vanderbilt University
Western Kentucky University


Kiwanis Family

CKI is the collegiate branch of Kiwanis. There are 7 branches of Kiwanis total. There is Kiwanis and the population for that is mainly working adults after they’ve completed their education. Aktion Club which is for adults with disabilities. CKI is for the adults that are still working on completing their education in college. Key Club is for youth in grades 9-12. Builder’s Club is for grades 6-8. And, K-Kids is for primary school children.