Kentucky-Tennessee CKI

Who are we, and what do we do? 
CKI stands for Circle K International. Circle K is the largest student-led collegiate service organization in the world with just over 12,000 members on over 500 campuses worldwide. Kentucky-Tennessee CKI is a district of the organization within the United States and falls into Subregion E along with the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia districts.

CKI members implement three tenets in their lives: service, leadership, and fellowship. Service is the heart of our organization. Circle K members perform more than 1 million hours of service on their campuses and in their communities every year. CKI also gives its members countless opportunities and tools to develop their leadership abilities. Circle K members also form lifelong relationships with people in their clubs, communities, and the Kiwanis Family. 

What is the Kiwanis Family?
CKI is the collegiate branch of Kiwanis, which is a global organization dedicated to improving the lives of children. Kiwanis clubs sponsor CKI clubs and Kiwanians serve as mentors for CKI members.

Within the “Kiwanis Family,” there are 6 branches of Kiwanis total. There is Kiwanis, which mainly consists of working adults after they’ve completed their education. Aktion Club which is for adults with disabilities. CKI is for the adults that are still working on completing their education in college. Key Club is for youth in grades 9-12. Builder’s Club is for grades 6-8. And, K-Kids is for primary school children.

Visit the Circle K International website to learn more!