Awards, CKIx

Show Off Your Club on an International Level

International Awards- Apply now (Distinguished, Club, and Individual Awards), Get your award at CKIx.

Club Awards:

Club Awards enable clubs across Circle K International to showcase their work and be recognized for their outstanding efforts and projects. This may be in the form of service projects, fundraiser accomplishments, or total achievement. The following award applications are offered this year:

•Club Achievement •Non-Traditional Scrapbook •Outstanding Kiwanis Family Relations •Outstanding Single Service •Preferred Charities & Service Partners •Traditional Scrapbook

Individual Awards:

• CKI Hall of Fame
 Recognizes 3+ year veteran members who have made substantial contributions to CKI.

• New Member of the Year
 Recognizes new members who exemplify the tenets, principles, and values of CKI.

• Oratorical Contest
 Recognizes talented orators who deliver a speech at CKIx based on a set criteria.

Be sure to download the 2017 International Awards Manual for complete instructions on the online awards submission process. Please direct all questions concerning awards to CKI Director, Jameson Root Application deadline is June 1.

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